Flight Test Solutions

We provide customized flight test planning, execution, data analysis, and/or data acquisition services for the customer’s aircraft certification programs and specialized flight test investigations. Our experienced engineering flight test team plans, manages, and executes a customized flight test program for your baseline or modified aircraft. 

Depending on the airworthiness requirements, this could include envelope expansion, aircraft performance, flight characteristics, vibration/flutter, systems, and/or aeroacoustics testing. Our team has the knowledge and capability to effectively ensure your aircraft will be safe and perform to mission requirements.

Our Experience Includes:

  • R&D and Certification Ground & Flight Testing to include:
    • FAA 14 CFR Part 23 (Normal and Commuter Category) and Part 25
    • Transport Canada
    • ANAC (Brazil)
    • U.S. Government and Military
  • Aircraft Performance:
    • Mathematical Modeling and Performance Estimation
    • Airspeed/Altitude Position Error Determination
    • Stall Speed Determination
    • Speed Schedule Determination
    • Cruise Performance
    • Climb Performance
    • Field Performance
    • Installed Power & Thrust Determination
  • Flight Characteristics:
    • Static and Dynamic Longitudinal/Lateral/Directional Stability and Control
    • Stall Characteristics
    • Vibration and Buffet
    • Minimum Control Speed
    • High Speed Characteristics
    • Out-of-Trim Characteristics
  • Systems and Aeroacoustics Testing
  • Piston, Turboprop, Turbojet, Unmanned, and Lighter-Than-Air Aircraft
  • Weight and Balance/Configuration Control
    • In-House Custom Ballast Solution
  • Data Analysis, Certification Test Reports, and Airplane Flight Manual Supplements

Equipment Leasing

Airworthiness Certification in Huntsville

Swivel Head Data Air Probe
Trailing Cone
Calibration Fixture
Data Acquisition Systems
Basic Equipment Rack


Swivel Head Data Air Probe

Trailing Cone

Data Acquisition Systems

Equipment Rack


Calibration Fixture

Instrumentation & Data Acquisition Solutions

Easy-to-install, ruggedized instrumentation suite and digital data acquisition systems

We maintain a stock of calibrated, sensitive aircraft instruments maintained in accordance with AS9100D Certification. Our systems feature a customizable, real-time data acquisition and display software that provides our onboard flight test engineers with complete situational awareness. This software allows the engineers to evaluate data real-time to make data quality calls in flight which eliminates the need for additional flights due to repeated test points, reducing cost and schedule.

Listed below are our core instrumentation capabilities:

  • Performance and Flight Characteristics Flight Test Instrumentation Suite
  • Real-Time Stress Monitoring Suite (Structural Health Monitoring System)
  • Caution & Warning Exceedance Alarm Suite
  • Structural Vibration Characterization
  • Static Structural Testing Support
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Noise Level Measurements
  • End-to-End Flight Instrument Calibrations

Our flight test instrumentation system has the capability to interface and record data from the following sources:

  • Digital Data BusesARINC 429/717
    • Mil 1553
    • ASCB
  • Airspeed and Altitude Pressure Sources
    • Aircraft Pitot-Static System
    • Swivel Head Air Data Probe
    • Static Trailing Cone
  • Temperature Sources
    • TAT probes
    • Thermocouples
  • Structural Measurement
    • Strain Gauges
    • Load Cells
    • Accelerometers
  • Position and Angle Measurements
    • String Potentiometers
    • RVDT’s/LVDT’s
  • Precision Dual Frequency GPS
  • GPS Time Synchronized Video Recording
  • Cockpit Audio
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