Flight Test in Huntsville

DER Services

Prototypes, Alterations and Repairs

Our DER staff has an extensive background performing design and analysis and they will work with you from prototype to first flight. FMS Aerospace provides customers with all applicable structural certifications and approved substantiation after thorough analysis.  See below for a synopsis of their credentials and experience. Our in-house DER staff specializes in transitioning early concepts and designs into workable prototypes. We perform structural alterations and repairs to a wide variety of aircraft, and will modify your existing platform regardless of condition.  The DER staff collaborates with the mechanical design team, aircraft maintainers, and OEM system designers to identify the desired aircraft modifications and design constraints at the onset of the program. The joint collaboration with experienced aircraft structures staff minimizes design and integrations risks.

  • FAA Designated Engineering Representative, Structures, and Damage Tolerance Analysis
  • Part 23 & Part 25 Category Aircraft, with Special Authorization for Major Repairs and Alterations and Seaplane Floats
  • 20+ years’ experience in design, analysis and repairs of all aspects of a variety of flight vehicles (UAS, fixed wing and lighter-than-air)
  • Extensive background in Field repairs and on site structural evaluation
  • Preparation for ferry flights
  • Structural test design, set up, and approval experience
  • Metallic material FEA experience
  • Familiarity with standard and non-standard aviation materials

Airworthiness Certification

Design, Manufacture, Integrate and Instrument

FMS possesses intimate knowledge of various airworthiness processes and can rapidly identify and generate the data requirements to certify your aeronautical product with the appropriate authority. Whether your project falls under civil or military airworthiness jurisdiction, FMS Aerospace is experienced with US Army, US Air Force, FAA, Transport Canada, CAA, EASA, and NASA Standards.  Our services support Commercial, Special Mission, and Restricted Category certifications and cover such disciplines as:

  • Certification Basis Definition
  • Identification & Compliance Demonstration with Airworthiness Regulations & Design / Operational Specifications
  • Compliance Plan Development
  • Liaison & Negotiation with Airworthiness Authorities Issue Paper Preparation
  • Type Board Meeting Support
  • Conformity Inspection Support
  • Test Witnessing