We offer an easy-to-install, ruggedized digital data acquisition system that can be customized to meet your requirements for any flight test program.

As our systems are user-defined, we maintain a stock of calibrated sensitive aircraft instruments, transducers, sensors, probes, air data booms, portable weather stations, and position measuring equipment to rapidly respond to inquiries.  Our system features a customizable, real-time data display and simultaneous post-processing of instrumentation components which enables our customers to monitor critical parameters in-flight. Listed below are common system parameters we can install on your platform.
  • Precision Pitot-Static Measurements & Calibrations
  • Advanced Static & Kinematic GPS Positioning
  • Static Structural Testing Support
  • Real-Time Stress Monitoring
  • Fatigue Spectrum Development
  • Structural Vibration Characterization
  • Structural Health Monitoring Systems
  • Caution & Warning Exceedance Alarms
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Noise Level Measurements

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