Performance and Handling, Stability and Control, Flight Manual Supplement

Our experienced, engineering flight test experts create a customized flight test program for your baseline or modified aircraft including analysis of airplane performance, flight characteristics, systems performance, and acoustics. We provide customized flight test, instrumentation, data acquisition, and data analysis services for both manned and unmanned aircraft certification programs and specialized flight test investigations.  Our flight test experts rapidly expand the flight envelope of any conventional fixed wing airplane using our proven flight envelope expansion techniques. Our team has the knowledge and capability to effectively address the most common flight characteristics problems to ensure that your airplane will be safe and perform to mission requirements.

Our past experience includes:

  • Flight Characteristics, Handling Qualities, Stability & Control
  • Proven Effective & Safe Envelope Expansion Techniques
  • Airplane Flight Manuals & Supplements
  • R&D and Certification Ground & Flight Test Plans
  • Approved Flight Test Safety & Risk Management Processes




Data Acquisition/Implementation/Custom Software

We have fine-tuned and tested our performance test techniques and data analysis methods over numerous flight test programs for near real time data analysis and reporting. We will complete your aircraft performance determination program while minimizing schedule and cost, and can provide you with publication quality flight manual performance charts & tables after completing all relevant analysis, including analysis of the following components.


  • Mission range and duration analysis & optimization
  • Mathematical modeling and estimation of airplane performance
  • Drag estimation
  • Field performance determination, including Transport Category
  • Climb performance & WAT limits
  • Takeoff flight path, net climb gradient and obstacle clearance
  • Takeoff, approach, and landing reference speed determination
  • Air data calibrations and airspeed/altitude position error determination
  • Installed power & thrust
  • Stability derivative determination
  • Flight characteristics troubleshooting



Precision Pitot-Static Measurements & Calibrations

The FMS Aero digital data acquisition system is ruggedized and customizable to meet your requirements for any flight test program.  As our flight tests are user-defined, we maintain a stock of calibrated sensitive aircraft instruments, transducers, sensors, probes, air data booms, portable weather stations, and position measuring equipment to rapidly respond to inquiries.  Our system features a customizable, real-time data display and simultaneous post-processing of instrumentation components which enables customers to monitor critical parameters in-flight. Listed below are common system parameters we can install on your platform.


  • Advanced Static & Kinematic GPS Positioning
  • Static Structural Testing Support
  • Real-Time Stress Monitoring
  • Fatigue Spectrum Development
  • Structural Vibration Characterization
  • Structural Health Monitoring Systems
  • Caution & Warning Exceedance Alarms
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Noise Level Measurements